Letterboxers' First Finds
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Photo taken by Mark Pepe

The Cranmere Pool Letterbox - where it all began!

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Email me with your first find so that you too may be included on this page.

Note: The letterboxers names under each state is in the order that I received them! Thanks.

This list contains the very first box you found to start your letterboxing career - not a box that you found as a First Finder!

Don't forget to send us the date you found the box, your trail name, the state in which you reside and the name and state of that first box.


Nate & Carrie: "Wequetequock Marshes," CA, 10/13/01

Don & Gwen: "Enchanted Palos Verdes," CA, 12/2/00

Q: "Mt. Hollywood," CA, 5/10/04

Black Cavalier: "Folsom Aloha Box," CA, 12/29/04

wassamatta_u & turtleduckcheesegirl: "Mission Santa Clara," CA, 7/25/04

Lee & Nancy: "The Arrowhead Landmark," CA, 7/19/03

The 4 Splinters: "The Easter Bunny," CA, 6/26/05

Aahz & Zairabear: "Saxon's Nemesis," CA, 9/17/05


Treasure Finders: "Bear in Paradise,"CO, 10/5/03

Chasers: "Twenty Mile," CO, 11/5/04


Butterfly: "Milo Light," CT, 10/1/00

Steve, Heidi & Madras: "Red Dragon," CT, 10/20/02

BookWorm: "Smokey Bear," CT, 8/2/02

Sadie & Russ: "River Run," CT, 10/21/02

Rubaduc: "Leaning Tower." CT, 3/28/02

Mark & Sue Pepe: "Zoom, Zoom," CT, 6/15/02

IrishCOD: "Claddagh Letterbox," CT, 7/27/02

The End Gang: "Algonquin State Forest," CT 8/8/03

Music Woman: "Adams Mill," CT, 5/25/02

MayEve: "Fairy Pool," CT, 4/3/04

Teach & Preach: "Putnam Airline Bridge," CT, 8/10/02

Veronica: "Father's Day Flowers," CT, 7/1/01

Tony: "Red Dragon," CT, 4/21/02

The Engraver: "Wolf Rock," CT, 5/8/02

Bell Lady and Mr. B: "Der Mad Drummer," CT, 8/19/03

Peppermint Patti, Bunny Man, Boy George: "Billings Barn," MA, 4/23/03

Donutz: "Lyman Viaduct," CT, 11/30/03

Sunshine, Swamp Yankee, & ToadDog: "Oriental Medicine," CT, 3/18/03

Painterly & 46R: "Penguin Puzzle," CT, 4/7/01

CraftWoman: "Salmon River State Forest," CT, 7/20/03

The Drew Family: "Elaine & Jerry's Bluff," CT, 7/4/99

Chrissy: "Impatient Cow," CT, 7/5/04

The Maplines: "Vermont Tree," VT, 6/6/03

Flutterby: "Jonathon Trumbull Library," CT, 10/13/03

S.I.C.C.'s Kreepy, Lonewolf & Donny [Fearless Leader]: "Double Happiness," CT, 8/26/03

Mom-of-3: "Flying Fish," CT, 4/13/02

AMPM: "HollyHock Island," CT, 4/23/02

JB Castle Hunters: "Khor," CT, 8/6/04

Hez, Grumpy and Mona: "Rapallo Viaduct," CT, 11/16/03

Bear & Peaches: "Big Maple Sugar," CT, 3/15/03

RTRW: "Cockadoodle Moo's Schoolhouse," 4/19/02

Chuck & Molly: "Chick in a Nest," CT, 12/29/01

Chickabirdie: "Mansfield General Store," 1/1/02

Connfederate: "Kentucky State Stamp," 11/18/05

Crescent 4: "Odie & Garfield," CT, 4/10/04

Chris, Mary & Norma: "The Force," CT, 8/26/05


Carol Warren: "GHP Box," FL, 5/28/05


Amyrica, Shooting T and Turtle: "Why Knot?," GA, 5/9/04

Cherokee Rose: "The Case of the Vanishing Veil," GA, 8/30/04

123 Family: "Roll On," GA, 11/13/04

Dee & Abby: "Stone Mountain," GA, ?

Scooters Mom: "Ramblin' Rose," GA, 8/27/04

Beachcomber: "The Babe," GA, 10/8/04

Kerrygirl: "Shadow Spirit's Lieutenant Lisa," FL, 8/18/05


A-Bear, "DuPont Works," WA, 7/26/02

J-Bear, "The Octopus," OR, 11/28/02


The Brown Knight: "Ohio Fossil Letterbox," IN, 5/4/02


Shutterfly, "Red Rover," IL, 4/4/04

Tiptoe & Tonto: "War Correspondence-South Mtn Trilogy," MD, 2/3/03


CapnChris: "Fish Feeder," KS, 8/15/05


Prairie Hen: "Single Rose," KY, 8/3/04

stephcorbett: "Thanatopsis," KY, 7/29/04


Mike V: "Where It's @," LA, 9/18/06

Mama Cache: "Where It's @," LA, 9/18/06

babadge: "Where It's @," LA, 9/18/06

Ampersand Son: "Where It's @," LA, 9/18/06


Phyto & Isoceles: "Douglas Mountain," ME, 5/10/2003

The Aroostook Sleuth: "James Schoolhouse," ME, 8/30/03

Merenwen & Olwe: "Baxter Woods Series," ME, 1/1/04

The Weathergleams: "Royal River," 8/18/03

OddestGoddess & Grinning Pig: "Carpe Diem," ME, 4/17/05

Buxton Boxers of Maine: "Masquerade," ME, 4/8/06


Wood Thrush: "McKeldin Library," MD, 6/12/05


The Lazy Letterboxer & Letterboxing Ham: "Vincent," MA, 7/24/01

Rustypuff: "Fairies at Borderland," MA, 8/26/01

TeamGreenDragon: "Blurred Borders," RI/CT, 02

Buckaroo: "This Little Pig," MA, 11/4/01

Warrior Woman: "Midnight on the Moon," RI, 7/15/01

Choi: "Busy Beavers," MA, 7/20/04

Ladydriver: "Sad Bug," MA, 1/16/05

CPA Scott: "To Yew, I Do," MA, 6/19/04

Zombie Kids: "Catch a Falling Star," MA, 7/13/05

Li'l Birdie & Big Bird: "Mt. Gilboa," MA, 6/24/06

HK: "Ponkapaog Turtle," MA, 4/17/01


SpringChick & Old Shoe: "Chicago Underground," IL, 7/27/02

Scheherezade: "Big Blue Elephant," MI, 10/14/04

doglvrs: "Two Turtles," MI, 8/18/04

TJ Mich: "Bloomfield Heron," MI, 2/8/03


realroadrunner: "Triangle Building," NV, 12/15/2003

New Hampshire

uneksia: "Sheiling Forest," NH

Greenthumbnh: "Blue Bear Adventure," NH, 6/25/05

New Jersey

Sudden Turkey, highlysung & Gwenllian: "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," NJ, 2/14/04

New Mexico

lionsmane63: "Santa Fe Trail Microbox," NM, 2/16/06

New York

phynstar: "Boxin' on the Hudson," NY, 4/9/03

82Muffin: "#7 NY State Fish," NY, 12/27/04

Turtle McQ: "Sapsucker Woods," NY, 5/29/02

Alphabet Bandits: "Vanderbilt Box," NY, 4/23/03

JEK: "Point Judith Letterbox," RI, 8/1/04

Sprite & Highlander: "Onion at Home," NY, 8/29/04

Celtic Quinn: "Lonesome Train," NY, 10/16/04

North Carolina

Knit Wit: "Carolina Special," NC, 7/27/04

Penguin Patrol: "Squirrel Nutkin," NC, 6/14/03

The Wolf Family: "The Little Engine That Could," NC, 7/5/04

The Flory Family: "Small Town - Bright Future," NC, 4/9/2006


Team Mad Dawg: "Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve," OH, 6/23/02

Doodle & Deedle Bug: "Care Bear 1," OH, 4/17/04

M&8 X and EagleEyes: "Elkmont Letterbox," TN, 4/25/03

Tinkerbell's Sunshine: "Old Mother Hubbard," OH, 4/20/06


Letterboxing Richters: "Prairie Pug, " OK, 1/24/04


Maiden1974: "Nobody Loves Me; Everybody Hates Me," OR, 9/27/03

Team Tired Feet: "Erie Letterbox," OR, 9/25/03

Kokopelli & Jess Westin: "Waterfowl Highway," OR, 3/20/04

Frykitty & Sennoma: "The Nut." OR, 7/15/06


Fleur de Lis: "Boards and Bridges," PA, 11/8/03

Silent Doug: "Sapsucker Woods," NY, 5/29/02

Treehouse Gang: "Jane Austin Series," PA, 4/24/05

Aintnorock & Angelsweetie: "Laura's Childhood Luvs," 7/2/05

wilson5186: "The Lost City," PA, 10/21/06

Rhode Island

Team "TNT": "Mercy Brown," RI, 3/3/01

Phantom Phiddler: "Gotcha," RI, 11/10/01

CSCM: "Lucky Penny," RI, 3/3/01

Pete Miner [of Wanda & Pete]: "Cross Mills Library Quest," RI, 12/25/99

Wanda Miner [of Wanda & Pete]: "Springweather B," VT, 7/24/99

South Carolina

Team MooninthePine: "South of the Border," SC, 5/20/04

Weyrwoman: "Catch That Last Ferry," NC, 2/5/05


Woody's Mama: "Ace Gap," TN, 4/17/04


Silver Eagle: "Finch Arboretum," WA, 8/31/02

Corazon: "Hokey Pokey," TX, 2/7/04

Pumpkin Princess: "Lost Pines," TX, 11/1/00

Lucy Locket: "Gibraltar of the Confederacy," MS, 6/18/05

Bluebutterfly: "Gibraltar of the Confederacy," MS, 6/18/05

Yikkikiyo: "Bugs Bunny," TX, 3/06

Blooming Flowers: "Catch the Wind," TX, 8/18/06


sewsowbizzy: "A Flower for Mildred," VA, 4/7/04

FamilyMan: "Swing Time," VA, 7/25/04

Doxie Dolly: "The Headless Horseman of Halloween," VA, 6/5/05

Gallant Rogue: "Paul's Letterbox," VA, 1/29/05

Racer Man, Little E, Evergreenmz3 & Little Bunny Babies: "Abigail's Duck Box," VA, 7/14/05

BullDawg: "Possum Trot," VA, 5/30/05

Cindy, Kayleigh & Spenser: "Duck Duck Goose." VA, 7/22/06


Keegan the Airdale Terrier: "Schmitz Park Series," WA, 3/8/04

Amanda from Seattle: "Rattlesnake Ledge Letterbox," WA, 4/11/01

Sherry & Barb: "Vashon Island Letterbox - Egg & I," WA, 7/24/05

N A Tizzy: "Oldest Town Steilacoom," WA, 9/15/05

Dvn2rckr, mrB & tkr: "Snake Lake," WA, 7/22/02

Hollymark: "Amanda's Search for Her Green Bow," WA, 8/19/06


Martini Man and Wisconsin Hiker: "E-way Trails," WI, 7/13/03

Punxsygal: "Miller Park," WI, 8/6/05



Jiggs: "Dam Racoon," CA, 8/3/03

Trailfeathers: "Whitevale," ON, 8/1/04

JARS: "3rd Date," ON, 10/14/02

butterfly5: "Arboretum," ON, 12/4/04

" . . . why do i letterbox? because it is in my blood. i hope the thrill of finding a tupperware box never dies for me. i don't care if these boxes are in the woods, in a planter outside a cvs, in my mailbox, on the internet, up a tree, in a lake, oh gosh the list could go on and on. " Uneksia

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